TikTok Content Planner Notion Template

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What's Included:

  • TikTok Content Planner: Efficiently organize your video ideas and gain clarity with multiple views of the same information, streamlining your creative process.
  • Task Manager: Stay focused and productive by effectively prioritizing content-related tasks, ensuring a smoother content creation workflow.
  • Content Info Hub: Gain valuable audience insights and refine your content strategy, making your content more engaging and relevant.
  • Content Goal Tracker: Stay motivated and achieve success with measurable milestones by tracking your content goals, celebrating your progress along the way.
  • Positive Affirmations and Reminders: Boost confidence and overcome challenges during content creation, keeping you inspired throughout the process.
  • Content Creation Resources: Enhance your skills and well-being with content creation resources, supporting your growth as a content creator.

Why is it ADHD friendly?

  • Built by an ADHD person, for ADHD people.
  • Get a boost of positivity and motivation with included affirmations and positive reminders related to content creation
  • Different views of the same information to help you get clarity for your ideas and inspiration

What if I need help?

  • There is no shame in needing help, Notion can be very overwhelming! We have a discord server you can join for free to ask questions in a safe and non-shameful environment.

Template Preview:

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Last updated Jul 19, 2023

A single page Notion template for tracking and planning your TikTok content.


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TikTok Content Planner Notion Template

2 ratings
I want this!