ADHD Daily Dashboard Plus - Notion Template

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If you're seeking an organized, efficient, and empowered lifestyle, this template is your ideal companion. This is the same setup I use to manage all aspects of my life, including running multiple businesses and creating content, all while dealing with mental and physical health issues. Plus, you also get lifetime access to any new, single-page accessory templates I may create.

What's Included:

You'll get everything that is in the ADHD Daily Dashboard Essentials, as well as...

  • Dashboard page: Get a clear and organized overview of your life, tasks, events, and accomplishments in one place.
  • Premium Habit tracking: Monitor your habits with detailed guidance for beginners, uplifting affirmations, personalized routine menus, insightful habit-building resources, and customizable setups for up to eight habits.
  • Work / Content page: Boost your creativity and performance with a task manager, pomodoro timer, Spotify playlists, and affirmations.
  • Home page: Stay on top of your home life with a task manager for home tasks, errands, and birthdays, plus lists like shopping, home links, and groceries.
  • Monthly Reviews: Get rid of time-blindness with monthly journal prompts meant to increase your awareness and intention around your actions.
  • Health + Therapy page: Seamlessly manage therapy appointments and your therapy and/or health care plan, with monthly calendar views, and centralized access to essential health-related links, providing a holistic approach to your well-being.
  • Calm working space: Increase your focus and efficiency with a distraction-free environment for working, including Spotify playlists, a pomodoro timer, affirmations, and work break activity suggestions.
  • Simple Vacation Packing List: Unlock three specialized packing lists for varied weather conditions, comprehensive coverage of travel essentials, and a user-friendly travel journal featuring pre-filled prompts for three trips, catering to all types of travelers.
  • Mobile Access Page: Capture ideas and more on the go with an included mobile access page. Easily modify some of your most used lists, like grocery, target, brain dumps, and more on your mobile device.
  • Lifetime access to ALL future single-page accessory templates I may create. Potential future templates include meal planner, games tracker, home cleaning manager, workout/fitness tracker, and more.

Who should buy this template?

  • ADHD people who are ready to manage ALL aspects of their life in Notion.
  • Notion users who want an extremely comprehensive life management dashboard.
  • Anyone who wants a more aesthetically pleasing Notion.

Why is it ADHD friendly?

  • Built by an ADHD person, for ADHD people.
  • Uses lots of colors, emojis, and images to make the template really pleasing on the eye, which gives extra dopamine!
  • Full of affirmations and gentle reminders that pertain specifically to ADHD people.
  • Includes video tutorials and written tutorials within the template to help those who get overwhelmed by Notion.

What if I need help?

  • There is no shame in needing help, Notion can be very overwhelming! We have a discord server you can join for free to ask questions in a safe and non-shameful environment.

Do you really offer full refunds?

  • Yes! No questions asked - if you really did not feel the template worked for you, reach out to me and I will process a full refund. Must be within 7 days of purchasing the template.

Four included themes:

Template Overview Video:

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7-day money back guarantee.

Contact me within 7 days of purchasing for a full refund.

Last updated Aug 10, 2023

A beautiful multi-page Notion dashboard to manage all areas of your life.

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ADHD Daily Dashboard Plus - Notion Template

2 ratings
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